Denaby Miner’s Theft – Said to be Earning Over £10 a Week

February 1950

South Yorkshire Times February 25, 1950

Denaby Miner’s Theft

Said to be Earning Over £10 a Week

After Sidney George Jones, (29), had been fined £10 at Doncaster Borough Magistrates Court on Monday for stealing a tricycle, valued at £6  19s 6d from outside a shop in Hailgate, Doncaster, he asked permission to thank “the man who caught him in the act.”

Jones was stated to be earning an average of £10 to £12 a week, but said he could not afford to buy a child’s tricycle.

Jones was seen by Mr. Robert Plane, second assistant in the clerk’s office of Doncaster Borough magistrates; to pick up the tricycle and walk away with it.

Det.-Inspector Howard, prosecuting said Plane first saw Jones remove a label from the tricycle, which was standing in the shop entrance. He then saw him pick the machine up and walk away, though he saw no assistants attending to him.

Mr. Plane reported the matter to the proprietor of the shop Mr. Glanville Mellor and together they followed Jones to Waterdale.

Questioned, Jones replied. “I am sorry. I will tell you the truth. My little boy wanted for Christmas and I have not been able to afford one, so I took it.”

Admitting the offence, Jones said he had been out on the beer. The tricycle took his fancy and he took it. “I cannot understand it myself.” he added. “I have had a very worrying week-end.”