Denaby Mining Offence – Very Bad Case

June 1912

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Monday 10 June 1912

Denaby Mining Offence – Very Bad Case

What Mr. Frank Allen, who prosecuted the case, described as a very bad case was one in which Martin Logan was charged with a breach special rule 106.

There was a fire close where there were two packs and nine props were standing in the “gob” between. It was intended that these props should be dropped to let down the waste in order to protect the fire much as possible, and defendant was instructed to do this by the deputy, and when asked if had carried this out he replied that he had.

Later the deputy, who had suspicions, discovered that the defendant had built a pack round the props leaving a cavity which was dangerous, especially in the vicinity of a “gob” fire, for gas was liable collect and spontaneous combustion to be set up.

The defendant did not appear, and he was ordered to pay 20s. and 13s. 6d. costs.