Denaby Mining Offences.

June 1912

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Monday 10 June 1912

Denaby Mining Offences.

The Denaby Collieries, Limited were the prosecutors in several cases at Doncaster, on Saturday.

For cruelty to pony kicking it, Richard Rose, Mexborough pony driver, had 7s. 6d. to pay.

For breach of special rule 106, a Denaby pony driver named Walter Jephson had 10s. and 13s. 6d. costs to pay. Contrary to the orders of a stallman named Phillips he took four tubs down the incline leading out the stall where the incline was one in 12 and where he only ought to have taken three.

Herbert Bell, a Conisbro’ pony-driver, for not fixing a drag behind a train of corves, had ss. and 11s. 6d. costs to pay.

Joseph McGowan, a Denaby miner, was ordered pay. 1s. and 11s. 6d. costs for taking a pipe down the Cadeby mine.