Denaby Motorcyclists Excuse – The Blind Eye

June 1935

Mexborough & Swinton Times 21 June 1935

The Blind Eye
Denaby Motorcyclists Excuse

When John. L. Craven, a Denaby miner, was summoned at Doncaster on Tuesday with failing to stop for the police constable and with carrying a passenger on a motorcycle without a proper pillion seat, P. C. Heaver alleged that Craven rode past him with his hands over his eyes. A Denaby glass worker, Harry Day, was also summoned for aiding and abetting.

P.C, Heavers evidence was that on May 12th he was in the main road at high Melton when he saw the defendant’s travelling towards him on a motorcycle. He noticed the passenger kept moving about so he stepped into the middle of the road and held up his hand. “Craven, when near me, put his hands over his eyes, and the passenger looked away.” Witness eventually saw the defendant who ran away, but were caught.

Craven’s excuse for not stopping was that he had a bit of dust in his eye.” When charged, he said, “give us a chance.”

The summons for failing to stop was dismissed and defendants fined 10s. each on the other charge.