Denaby Notes – Ambulance Men, their Band and the Horticultural Society

May 1907

Mexborough and Swinton Times, Saturday, May 4, 1907

Denaby Notes.

Ambulance Band Concert.

The concert room at the Reresby Arms, Denaby Mane, which had been kindly lent for the occasion by the worthy host Mr T. Weston, was filled to overflowing with an appreciative audience on Tuesday, when a concert in one of the funds of the Denaby main ambulance band was held. A full report appears in another column.

Horticultural Society’s Meeting

A well attended meeting of the Society was held at the Denaby Main Hotel on Friday, amongst those present being Messrs H. S. Witty, S. T. Bridges, G. Booth, T. Chapman, S. Barnes. G. Farmer, J. Kelsall, G. Fisher, etc.

The Rev. J. Rigg presided. The minutes and accounts were read by the hon. Secretary, Mr T. Mosby, and passed. The meeting had been called to prepare the rules and regulations for the annual show in August. These were carefully gone through, the committee being indebted to Mr T. Nicholson, of Rotherham, who was present to aid them in drawing up good rules for the government of the society. The rules were all gone through, and carefully revised.

Ambulance Men

Our local ambulance men have every reason to feel proud of themselves. On Saturday they succeeded in bringing four prizes back from Sheffield, where an ambulance competition was provided by the Sheffield and District St John Ambulance Association at the Corn exchange.

The junior team were rather unlucky in not winning the ambulance shield, being a good second, each member being the recipient of pocket knives as second prizes. They had the satisfaction of securing the second prize in the single-handed competition, which was won by E. Booth, and he is now the happy possessor of a handsome dressing case.

In the senior competition the Denaby team, although not able to bring back the shield, were also successful in gaining the first and second prizes in the single-handed competition. The first prize, a cause of cutlery, being won by P. Harry.

It is a strange coincidence that both the senior and junior prize winners obtain prizes in the treatment of wounds and bleeding, while in the case of fractures, which to those who work in or about a colliery are by far the most frequent cases, they should not gain a prize.

The names of the successful one to obtain pocket knives in the junior teams are J. Milnes. E. Boot, H. Milnes, J. Alpine, F. Horsfall.