Denaby Notes – Arm Lost – Show House – Paths

March 1935

Mexborough and Swinton Times March 29, 1935

Denaby Notes

Arm Lost
E Daykin (14 ½) employed in the deep seam of the Denaby Colliery, received severe injuries to his right arm on Thursday afternoon and was conveyed to the Fullerton hospital where his arm was amputated.

Show House
The exhibition house in Wheatley Street has been a great attraction and many people have taken the opportunity of visiting the premises
The house has recently been built by Mr S.G.Burdett. It is very conveniently planned and is beautifully set out by the furniture and goods supplied by the Co-operative Society. The rooms are arranged with good taste and the colour scheme is very artistic, deserving of the compliments expressed by the visitors.

for some time now a notice had been posted for bidding cycling on the pass of the North Cliff Craggs, but cycling is not forbidden down the recreation ground pass near Annerley Street.
Some youths make a regular practice of cycling down the hill, and the pace at which they travel is a danger to the children using the swings at the bottom as well as to pedestrians using the paths.

The road through the recreation ground down into Denaby Lane has for many years been used by residents of Denaby and Conanby, but it has never been properly made. A little attention to this path would be appreciated by those who use it daily.