Denaby Notes – Cadet Corps – School News

September 1909

Mexborough and Swinton Times, September 4, 1909

Cadet Corps Trip.

Owing to the weather around the August Bank Holiday, the project to take the members of the Denaby Main Cadet Corps into camp had to be abandoned, much to everybodys’ regret.

It was therefore decided to take the lads to Cleethorpes for a day during the holiday season. This trip, came off on Thursday last.

The lads, numbering upwards of 100, met at their headquarters                Rossington Street, at 9.30 a.m. and paraded to the station, where they proceeded by the 10.15 train to Cleethorpes. They were under the command of Chief Officer G. Milnes, Second Officer T. W. Mosby, and Sergt.-Major E. Power.

Cleethorpes was reached in good time, and until 7 o’clock in the evening the Denaby youths enjoyed themselves to their hearts’ content, at donkey riding, bathing and the different other attractions

The inner man, needless to say, was not neglected, .and when at 6.45 p.m. the boys assembled in front of the pier to return by the 7 o’clock train to Conisboro’ a look of happiness was on each face. Conisboro’ was, reached about 9.30, and the lads marched to their headquarters in right merry mood, where the order of dismissal was given.

Boys ‘Camp

As detailed it was found impossible this year to take the Denaby Main Cadet Corps into camp. Next year, however, it is hoped that a camping ground for the lads will be secured near the village, and this will enable the boys’ parents to visit them and see for themselves the grand work that is being done by the corps.

During the coming winter, the boys will be put through a course of free gymnastics, and Swedish drill, which will tend to greatly improve the lads all round.

A good number of boys have latterly joined, and it is expected that before the winter closes, the corps will be over 200 strong. The strength of the corps at present stands at three officers and 103 boys, and the instruction of the lads is in the capable hands of S.M. E. Power.

School News.

The adult scholars have had to have another week’s holiday owing to the school floors not being fully completed, and the announcement of the fact was hailed with delight by the “kiddies.”

It is hoped to have the school ready for next Monday morning.