Denaby Notes – Christmas Festivities – Gifts to Hospital

December 1935

Mexborough and Swinton Times December 20, 1935

Denaby Notes

Christmas Festivities

The schools have presented a very ’Christmas’ atmosphere this week. The classrooms have been decorated and everything has been done to introduce a Christmas spirit, concerts, parents days, tea parties, etc. have been held in all departments and by the time they break up for the vacation to day (Friday) the many pupils will have had their first taste for this season of Christmas festivities.

A visit paid this week show pupils and staff entering into the programs arranged with great zest. Preparations are again being made at the hospital for a bright and happy time for the patients. There will be the usual Christmas tree, with a gift for all patients and staff. Special fare will be provided and the wards will be suitably decorated. Several people have subscribed to their funds and made this possible and help at such times is greatly appreciated. On Christmas Day there will be extra visiting time allowed from 5 pm to 8 pm.

Gifts to Hospital

Gifts to the Fullerton hospital this week include papers from Denaby Institute, magazines, Mrs Rudd; books, Miss D. Wathey and Mrs. T. Holcroft; pheasants, Mr L. C. Hodges.

For the Christmas cheer funds 5s. from Miss Rimington, £15 15s. from Conisborough Cliff company, toys from Mrs Wolstenholme, children’s picture books from Barbara Holcroft, Christmas decorations from Kathleen Forde, a doll from Denaby Church Sunday school, evergreens from Messrs. T. Wade and Co. and Ivy for decorations and magazines from Mrs. H. Hulley. Grapefruits were sent by an anonymous donor from old Denaby.