Denaby Notes – Football – Careless Cyclist – Sad Burning Case

November 1906

Mexborough and Swinton Times November 3, 1906

Denaby Notes.


The present form of the Denaby team is giving entire satisfaction. Quite a number intend to journey to Heckmondwyke on Saturday, to watch the encounter with the West Yorkshire team. When one considers that the management have netted something like £100 from the English cup ties, they have reason to want to shake hands with themselves. Denaby have secured another full-back, an ex-army man, who was given a trial on Saturday against the Mexborough reserves, and on the form shown he will be an acquisition to Denaby.

A Careless Cyclist

One cannot but express feelings of indignation at the action of a cyclist, who, whilst riding along the Doncaster Road, accidentally knocked down a little boy who was playing in the street. Instead of dismounting to see if he had done any injury to the following fellow, he had the impertinance to continue his journey, when the least he could have done would have been to set the youngster on his feet again.

Sad Burning Case.

A case of the saddest nature occurred in Loversall Street, Denaby Main, in the early hours of Saturday morning, when two little children were severely burnt, one little mites injuries being so severe that she succumbed before help could be obtained. This is the second fatal burning accident which has occurred in this locality during the week where flannelette has been used for clothing the youngsters.