Denaby Notes – Gambling – Cyclists Collection – Mining Classes – Hull City

October 1905

Mexborough and Swinton Times October 21, 1905

Denaby Notes

Whilst strolling through our once famous if not picturesque, village, one morning during the week, I was rather surprised to see posters announcing that “Roberts” was coming.

At first I thought that we were going to have a visit from the illustrious war veteran, Lord Roberts. But on a closer inspection, I found that “Roberts” was a revivalist, who, I presume, is coming to exercises eloquence in persuading the people of Denaby to alter their mode of life.

Anyone will believe that Mr Roberts presence is required on day they will take a walk between Denaby and Conisborough. Here they will find from 8 to a dozen different groups of men and lads ranging from 12 years of age to 60 or 70 engaged in various modes of gambling.

If the leaders of our churches are in earnest about a rival, why don’t they try to check this great evil? The police seem to have nothing to do with the matter, and as far as I have seen or heard none of the churches have ever yet made any strenuous efforts to check the spread of an evil that is sapping all the good and true from the young life of the village.

When this famous revivalist comes, I would suggest that, instead of preaching within the walls of the Wesleyan Chapel he should go and pitch his tent on the crags on Sunday mornings or afternoons, and try there what his eloquence can do.

The collection of 6d. Per man and 3d. Per boy that was made on Saturday in aid of the relatives of A. Hellewell, who was accidentally killed whilst bicycling, amounted to £58.

The quarterly meeting of the Denaby Main co-operative Society is to be held tonight in the Rossington Street School; and the members dividends are to be paid on Monday.

The mining classes seem in a fair way to do well this season, but we think that the success of the class depends to a large extent upon keeping up the lessons weekly. This week there will be no class meeting, owing to Mr Farmer’s inability to attend; this seems to us to be somewhat of a mistake, it would have been much better for their welfare of the class that the teacher provided a substitute, and help the classes usual. Surely there are those who could have taken the teacher’s place for once.

We hear that Hull city have been offering the Denaby club £150 to play the English cup tie on the Hull ground. But from our point of view this would hardly be just or generous to the local supporters. They have been drawn to play at Denaby, and should play there, and give their supporters and friends the chance of seeing the match.