Denaby Notes – Hairdresser and boy suffering from Smallpox

March 1905

Mexborough & Swinton Times, March 25th, 1905.

Denaby Notes

The inhabitants of this locality were somewhat astonished on Saturday, to learn that H. Whitehead, hairdresser, Doncaster Road, had been removed to the infections disease hospital at Conisboro’, suffering from small pox. One of the boys, that had been in the habit of assisting, is also a victim. It is a well known fact that Whitehead had been attending to his customers up to the Thursday, some of whom are in a perturbed state. The matter has received prompt attention from the authorities and on Monday the shop in Doncaster Road was thoroughly disinfected, and for the present, and rightly so too, business is suspended. No fresh cases have been reported, and hopes are entertained that the epidemic may soon be obliterated.

On St. Patrick day a fair sprinkling of the dear little plant was in evidence, and there was quite an abundant supply of green ribbon rosettes, etc. At St. Alban’s Church, two services were conducted by the Rev. F. Kavanagh, and well attended. A liberal supply of shamrock was made to those present. In the evening the annual St. Patrick concert was held, and it is pleasing to note that every seat in the large hall was utilised. The entertainment was of a first-class character, and was thoroughly enjoyed.

I am pleased to announce that Charles Wright, the young man that was seriously injured a few weeks ago at the colliery, is now making satisfactory progress at the Mexboro’ hospital.