Denaby Notes – Investigation into United – Infantile Mortality – Burial of James Dalton

September 1906

Mexborough and Swinton Times, September 8th 1906

Denaby Notes

Investigation into Denaby United

The announcement made at the recently held meeting of the Sheffield and Hallamshire Football Association, and the methods employed by the Denaby United Club for the encouragement of its players, were to form the subject of inquiry by a commission has come in the nature of a thunderbolt to the loyal supporters of the club.

Hitherto, the club has been distinguished by capable and sportsmanlike management, and it is hardly likely that any of that management’s transactions would be of such a nature as to cause the club to fall under the ban of the Association. While it is admitted that the players are encouraged monetarily, at the same time the management denies those players bonuses in the sense which is so obnoxious to the Association, and which inevitably brings disaster on the club identified with such practices. The scale of payment, we understand, is the subject of hard and fast agreement, and by the legitimacy of such a method of procedure the club will stand or fall. At all events, the people of Denaby are perfectly confident that the club has done nothing to merit the censure of the powers that be, and the commission will be at liberty to examine the books of the club.

Infantile Mortality

The heat wave which recently passed over this district has left its mark by the appearance of such awful maladies, to the children as fevers, measles, diarrhoea, which are making sad havoc on the lives of the young children.

During the last 12 days, there have been no less than 18 deaths in Denaby. Truly this is to be deplored, and a matter that needs careful consideration by those who have the care of the younger generation in hand. There are many who have not the remotest idea how to manage and care for the sick children. I think that a fund should be opened, in order to obtain the services of, say two district nurses, to relieve the medical officers. Much benefit would accrue from such a scheme, and many children would thereby be saved from disease and death. Here is a chance for someone to render a very great service to the parish, by starting a Parish Nurse Fund, for the benefit of the overworked women.

The Recent Tragedy – Burial of James Dalton

The funeral of the unfortunate man, James Dalton, who is alleged to have been done to death by J. Dagnell, under circumstances already reported took place on Sunday, at the Denaby Cemetery, and was conducted by the Rev. Father Kavanagh, the resident priest of the Roman Catholics, of which the deceased a member. An unusually large number of people were present to witness the ceremony, the cemetery being packed to its utmost capacity, many of them coming out of mere curiosity. Many and varied were the opinions expressed, but it is common to all that whatever his faults were, it was an untimely end to come to. Many beautiful and costly wreaths of flowers were placed on his grave by relatives and friends. By special request, the widow did not attend.