Denaby Notes – Miner Crushed – More Accidents – Dangerous Practice

September 1915

Mexborough Times, September 25, 1915

Denaby Notes

Miner Crushed

A man named Hughes, of Doncaster Road, was badly crushed by a fall at Denaby Main colliery on Friday last, during the afternoon shift.

His injuries are internal, being chiefly confined to the ribs, and all that is possible in being done for his welfare at the Fullerton hospital, where two more cases were admitted on Wednesday, one from each of the Denaby and Cadeby collieries.

Another Accident

A youth named Albert Sturgess, of 33, Braithwell Street, was injured at the Cadeby Main colliery during the morning shift on Tuesday.

He now lies at the Fullerton hospital, and from information to hand it appears Sturges was run over by corves, his injuries being chiefly confined to the lower limbs.

Dangerous Practice.

Numerous complaints are to hand concerning the manner in which mischievous children continue to run after an attempt to hang on to the trackless cars. This is a very dangerous practice, and unless some mcasures are taken accidents are bound to ensue, as the main road traffic has recently assumed much larger proportions


Joseph Cooper, who resides at 6 Tickhill square, was injured by a fall during the morning shift on Saturday last, at the Cadeby Main colliery. He was conveyed by ambulance to the Fullerton hospital, where he now lies suffering from a broken collarbone and injuries to the limbs.

The latest report concerning his condition is to the effect, that he is as well may be expected. Cooper had only just commenced work again, after having been under treatment for six weeks, for injuries to his arm, which he had sustained during the course of his employment at Cadeby Main.