Denaby Notes – On Furlough – Japanese POW Safe

October 1945

South Yorkshire Times October 20, 1945


On Furlough.

Cpl. Wilford Clifford, of the R. A. O. C., whose home is in Maltby Street, Denaby Main, is home of furlough from Egypt after serving over four years abroad. He was previously employed at Cadeby colliery.

Sig. A.T. Parkes, who was a member of the Time Office staff at Denaby colliery, hopes to resume duties at the end of the month. He has served with the Navy since December, 1940. His home is at 35, Lewes Road, Conisbrough.


Mrs. Kathleen Taylor, 19, Loversall Street, Denaby Main, has received a cablegram from her husband, gunner E. Taylor, who has been a prisoner of war with the Japanese for the last 3 1/2 years, to say that he is safe and at an Australian base.

He joined the forces in 1939 and was taken prisoner at Singapore. In a letter to his father he says, “Who is Denaby United playing, dad? I hope to be home in time to attend the Christmas match.” Before enlistment, Gunner Taylor was employed at Cadeby colliery.