Denaby Notes – Sick and Dividing Clubs – New Engine House

August 1902

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 29 August 1902

Denaby Notes

Sick and Dividing Clubs

The Denaby strike is considerably affected the local sick and dividing clubs, and the balance in hand at the one held at the Denaby Main Institute was shared amongst the members last Saturday.

The Reresby Arms and Station Hotel, Conisbrough have already shared up, so that the whole of these clubs in which the miners are interested have now disbanded.

New Engine House

An excellent engine house, whence the supply of electricity to the Denaby colliery will be supplied, is now being built at the colliery premises.

The fittings have already been placed on the pit head and in some parts of the pit bottom, and also through the numerous stalls whether ponies are kept.

The erection of this engine house and the laying of a very powerful dynamo will amount to several thousand pounds.

The company evidently intend to be up-to-date with their equipment of machinery