Denaby Old Age Pensioners Robbed on Christmas Day

January 1960

South Yorkshire Times Saturday, January 2, 1960

Denaby Old Age Pensioners Robbed on Christmas Day

Mr and Mrs G Thomson, two old age pensioners, who recently went to reside in the new bungalows for the aged at 9,All Saints Square, Denaby Main, had unexpected and unwelcome visitors on Christmas Day evening.

Mrs Thompson had been ill for a few weeks but they had decided to go out for a little time on Christmas evening. They left home at 8:30 pm and returned at 10:30 pm and went to bed. It was not until next morning that they discovered there had been the victims of a mean despicable theft.

A bottle of whiskey they had in store for themselves have been half emptied and when Mrs Thompson looked round she find five separate shillings she had saved for the electric meter had been taken from a drawer in the bedroom.

Then they found that a window was broken in the bathroom, by which means the thief or thieves had entered. They, had broken a small window at the top and managed to open a larger window by standing on the little box barrow Mr. Thompson used for his garden and by doing this they smashed one of the wheels.

The police are investigating.