Denaby Parish Church Garden Party Makes £178

July 1956

South Yorkshire Times 14th July 1956

Garden Party Makes £178
Splendid Result at Denaby

Through the inclement weather of Friday night and Saturday morning a garden party arranged by members of Denaby Parish Church had be transferred from the vicarage garden to the church hall on Saturday.

The stalls were re-erected in the hall on Saturday morning and the workers had made a quick transformation and the hall presented a pleasing site.

The vicar the Rev A. B. Gilbert presided at the opening ceremony and was supported by Mr. Sheldrake (Vicars warden) and Mrs Sheldrake, Mr A. Holland (people’s warden) and Mrs Holland and Mr Colclough (Labour leader).

The vicar expressed thanks for all the work done by officials and members for the event and hoped their efforts would meet with success. The target was £150 of which £100 would go towards the repair that St Chad’s Sunday school and the remainder towards the interior decoration of the church and treatment of the church roof. It would be the last time that he Mrs Roebuck would be with them for such events and he thanked them for all the help they had given to the many events arranged for church funds during his vicariate and for asking Mrs Roebuck to declare the sale of work open.

Mrs Roebuck thanked them for the privilege of declaring the effort open and in a neat and interesting speech which explained the meaning of “work,” appealed for support and a busy time at all the stalls. Mrs E. Sheldrake presented to Mrs Roebuck on behalf of all the church workers a bouquet.

A vote of thanks in which he expressed the appreciation of the church for their work Mrs Roebuck had done for the parish was accorded by Mr E. Sheldrake and seconded by Mr A. Holland.

The event raised over £170 and the workers calculated they would have at least £175 towards the items mentioned by the vicar.

Stallholders and amounts realised where Parochial church council and mothers union, Mrs Kelsall, Mrs Holland and Mrs Williamson £45 18s 2d; young members, Mrs Sheldrake, Mrs Milner, Mrs Ellis, Mrs Chapman, Mrs Collins, Mrs Chatfield, and Mrs Overment £48. 15s 3d; cakes Mrs Lote, Mrs Knight, Mrs Sheldrake, Mrs Sanderson £28 0s 6d; Sunday school, Mrs Collingham, John Smith, Mr fair Corel, Patricia Burdett £17 17s 1d; refreshments and afternoon teas, Mrs Wathey, Mrs. Mee, Mrs Peters, Mrs Swaby, Mrs Watson, Mrs Whitelock, Mrs Pickett, Mrs Willis, Mrs Sharpe, Mrs Gill, Mrs Joyner, and Mrs Roberts £15 14s; ice cream and drinks was supervised by Messrs W. H. Mosley. Sheldrake and doorkeeper was Mr T. Collingham.

Mr A. Holland was responsible for games in the vicarage garden and there were many competitors. The games made £1 14s 6d and donations amounted to £3. The men’s effort was by subscriptions and amounted to £22 16s 6d. In the evening in the church are candidates of the Girls Friendly Society gave an enjoyable programme of songs, recitations, dancing and two short plays.