Denaby Player Assaulted – Spectator sent to Prison

January 1921

Mexborough & Swinton TimesSaturday 22 January 1921

Denaby Player Assaulted.

Spectator Sent to Prison.

The Doncaster magistrates, on Saturday, took a serious view of an assault case from Conisborough, fining one-man £3 and sending another to prison for a month without the option.

William Gordon, of 21, Doncaster road, Mexborough, summoned John Thompson and James Wilkinson, miners, of Conisborough, for assaulting him on December 27.

Thompson appeared and denied the offence.

Mr W Lindsay Crawford, who appeared for complainant, said on Boxing Day there was a football match at Conisborough, between Conisborough Discharged Soldiers club and the Denaby comrades.

Gordon was playing left full-back for Denaby, and during the progress of the game the ball was passing out of play into touch when Thompson kicked it into play. Gordon remonstrated with him for interfering with the play, and it was alleged that the defendant rushed onto the field and attempted to strike the complainant, but missed him.

At the conclusion of the game, Thompson deliberately struck him, and when complainant was leaving the ground. He again rushed at him. Gordon seized him by the arms to prevent him striking him again, when Wilkinson came up and dealt him a violent blow on the face rendering him unconscious. He was taken to Dr Forster´s surgery and attended to.

Complainant bore out this statement in evidence, and Thomas Sugden, secretary of the Denaby Comrades Football Club, corroborated.

Thompson denied touching the ball or attempting or indeed striking Gordon.

He was fined £3 and Wilkinson was sent to prison for a month.