Denaby Police Force – Fifty Years Ago.

August 1965

South Yorkshire Times Aug 7th, 1965.

Denaby Police Force
Fifty Years Ago.

Some of our older readers will recall that about 50 years ago the village was patrolled by the following members of the Police Force, as detailed in an almanack of 1915, Police Constables Richards (lived in Maltby St.) Rushron (Tickhill St.), Grant (Doncaster Road), Stott and Thursby (Bolton St.), Roper (Balby St.), Hodgson and Franklin (Doncaster Road).

Certain houses were kept for the police in those days by the Colliery Company and some still live in N.C.B. houses, but a few years ago five houses were built in Wheatley Street for occupation by members of the Force.

In the early days the Denaby section was supervised by the Conisbrough Sergeant. It was some years later that Lowfield House at Doncaster Road, was taken over and converted into a Police Office and the residence of a Sergeant in charge. A few years ago a new Police Office was built near Lowfield House.