Denaby Presentation to Mrs E M Holliday – After 36 Years Service

January 1955

South Yorkshire Times Jan 29

After 36 Years Service
Denaby Presentation to Mrs E M Holliday

A presentation was made to Mrs. E M Holliday at Denaby headquarter of No 1 area of the N.C.B. on Tuesday to mark her retirement after 36 years in the coal industry formerly employed by the amalgamated Denaby Colliery Ltd. and its associate company’s.

Mrs. Holliday has since nationalisation been on the staff of the finance department. Mr. G. H Dawson, area financial accountant, paid warm tribute to Mrs. Holliday’s excellent service and thanked her for the valuable support she had given to him and to his department at all times.

On behalf of the staff Mr. E Dabbs area chief accountant presented Mrs. Holliday with a cheque and autographed testimonial. He referred to the high esteem in which Mrs Holliday was held by all her colleagues and paid tribute to her integrity and reliability.

Mrs Holliday said while looking forward to her retirement she had been happy in her work and if she had her time again would not choose otherwise. Mrs. Holliday had previously received other gifts from her own department and personal friends including an oak dinner wagon and bouquet.