Denaby Rovers 3 Denaby Rangers 0

17 November 1951

South Yorkshire Times, November 17th, 1951,

Denaby ‘Derby’

As was expected, thrills were plentiful in the local “Derby” between Denaby Rovers and Denaby Rangers, won by Rovers 3-0.

In the first minute Cuckson gave the Rovers the lead and Rangers were forced on to the defensive for long periods but it was close on the interval before Parker increased the Rovers’ lead.  The opening of the second half was a signal for Rangers to go into action and they hammered at the Rovers’ defence.  Whitehead (F.) in the Rovers’ goal played excellent however.  Play moved to the Rangers’ end and from a corner Whitehead (W.) put the Rovers further ahead.

The game was fast and furious to the end, but no further scoring took place.  Beasley and Whitehead (F.) were outstanding for the Rovers and Jennings and Ridgeway were the Rangers’ best.

A special word of praise must go to the Referee Skidmore who handled the game admirably.