Denaby Row – Causes a Sensational Rumour – Lively Scenes

October 1905

Mexborough and Swinton Times October 7, 1905

A Denaby Row.
Causes a Sensational Rumour.
Lively Scenes.

Firbeck Street, Denaby, was the scene on Monday afternoon of what might be termed “A colliers Saturday night,” when James Poxon (20), met his father-in-law, Richard Wagstaffe (66), at the door of number 83, Firbeck Street, and playfully hit the old man on the head with that instrument – which tradition puts in the hands of every wife with a drunken husband – a poker.

This, of course, caused a crowd to collect, and James, thinking discretion the better part of valour escaped by the back way, chased by several men. The chase through the streets of Denaby Main led to a rumour quickly circulating in the district that a murder had been committed and that the police and cyclists were chasing the “murderer” in the direction of Thrybergh.

A “Times” representative, who proceeded post-haste to Denaby, found the scene with little difficulty, a small crowd of inquisitive children being outside the house, gazing with awestruck countenances at the windows – which gave then not the slightest information.

On going to the door he was met by the victim of the alleged murder, who then looked, with the exception of some blood stains on the front of his shirt, the very opposite to an assaulted man. Invited inside, the following tale was unfolded, the room being full of advising neighbours, who all looked rather sorry that their hopes of a sensation had not come off.

Richard Wagstaffe and his wife reside at 83 Firbeck Street, with this granddaughter, and for the last month Mrs. Poxon (a daughter) had been living with them on account of the husband, James Poxon’s, alleged ill-treatment of her and her children at Mapplewell.

A week ago Poxon came to Denaby and obtained work at the pit under an assumed name. On this being discovered by the colliery authorities he was suspended. On Monday he turned the female portion of the family out of doors, and about 4 o’clock in the afternoon when Wagstaffe arrived home, Poxon met him at the door and struck him on the head with a poker.

He then rushed upstairs, and a Mr. Simkins who came to the old man’s assistance, narrowly escaped a quantity of bedroom China, which Poxon through at him. Poxon then made his escape, and up to the time of writing nothing further has been heard of the matter. The assaulted members of the family have not, as yet even taken out a summons.