Denaby School Gala .

October 1930

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 03 October 1930

Denaby School Gala .

There were about 500 people present at the Denaby baths on Saturday, when the annual swimming gala of the Conisboro’ and Denaby schools was held.

There was unexpected excitement when in one of the girls’ races, I. Lowe, of Morley Place School, collapsed after swimming half a length. Kathleen Durkin and Eily Wright, two St. Alban’s girls, promptly went to her assistance and brought her to the side. She soon recovered and seemed none the worse for her ducking.

Competition throughout the afternoon was very keen, St. Alban’s scholars generally coming out on top, and a long programme was carried out with commendable briskness.

The officials were: Starter Mr. W. Linstead; Judges, Miss McLuaky (Wakefield) and Mr. A. Butler (Mexboro’):

Results: The letters in brackets refer to schools: A being St. Albans: B. Balby Street; C. Middle School; M. Morley Place; R. Rossington Street; and S, Station Road.

Champions: St. Alban’s School.

Squadron Race (Girls): 1 Middle School, St. Albans, 3 Rossington Street,
Squadron Race (Boys): 1 St. Albans, Middle School, 3 Morley Place.
One Breadth. Girls 10-11: 1 Brett, (R), N Bostock (M). 3 Sellars (M).
One Breadth, Boys 10-11: 1 K White (M), A Barker (R), 3 L Wood (B).
One Length, Boys 13-14: 1 J Bunn (A), I P Higgins (A). 3 Gilmore (A).
One Breadth Girls 11-12: 1 N Brown (M), H Waters (R), 3 Rigby (S).
One Breadth Boys 11-12: 1 S Jones (B), A Hereon (C), 3 A. Pygott (M).
One Length, Girls 12-13: 1 K Quinn (A), 2 U Blythe (A). I Lowe (M).
One Length, Boys 12-13: 1 T Dunn (A), Fareham (B), 3 S Stafford (C).
One Length Girls 13-14: 1 Mason (C), I E Keyes (5), 3 G Brown (C).
Open Breast Stroke, Boys: 1 J Dunn (A), I E Shepherd (E). 3 A Gilmore ( A)
Open Breast Stroke, Girls: 1 H Mason Brown (C), 2 G Brown (C), 3 E Wright (A).
Plunging: 1 St. Albans, 2 Station Road
Girls Plunging: 1 St. Albans, 2 Station Road.
Boys Diving: 1 St. Albans, 2 Station Road.
Girls Diving: 1 St. Albans, 2 Station Road.