Denaby Special Constables’ Dinner (picture)

November 1945

Img_0731 specs

The principal guests at the Denaby Special Constables’ dinner on Wednesday

Gratitude to the Special Constabulary, who gave valuable assistance to the regular police, was expressed at the annual dinner of the Denaby Section of the West Riding Special Constabulary at the Reresby Arms Hotel, on Wednesday.

Proposing the ‘Special Constabulary,’ Mr. J. H. Dunk said it was a fine tribute to them to know that although they could have retired gracefully at the bend of the war, many decided to stay and perform their work when called upon. In Denaby 35 Specials still proposed to serve when called up. Mr. Dunk expressed his thanks for the work done by the ‘Specials’ and hoped they would continue to do good work and would meet again next year.

Deputy Div. Comdr. M. W. Medcalf replied on behalf of the Specials Constabulary in the absence of Div. Comdr. E. W. Pettifer. Mr. Medcalf said the ‘Specials’ and the Police had developed a friendly spirit which he hoped would continue. If the need arose for them to turn out he felt they would do so readily.

Mr. T. Morgan, J.P., proposed the ‘West Riding Constabulary,’ and Insp. A. Moxon replied.

Special Constable Mills proposed the ‘ Guests,’ and the Ven. M. Clarke, Vicar of Denaby, responded.

Toastmaster was Section Leader W. Coates, and a vote of thanks was moved to the host and hostess, Mr. and Mrs. Riley, by Mr. J. Batty, seconded by Sec. Comdr. T. Peters.

Mr. Will Raymond, Miss Freda Hooper, Miss Marjory Barlow, Mr. J. Easton and Mrs. Button entertained.