Denaby Squabble

August 1905

Mexborough and Swinton Times August 5, 1905

A Denaby Squabble.

Martha Flynn, a married woman, Denaby, was summoned by Bertha Hind for having used abusive language to her, on July 15th
Mr F Allen defended.

Complainant said that on the date named defendant came to her and called her a – – dirty blackleg
The chairman: anything else?
Complaining: No, that’s all.

Cross-examined by Mr. Allen she said that the defendant was a complete stranger. A row between a Mrs Sharp and complainant was in progress and there were over 20 people present watching, the fun.

She knew the defendant was a Roman catholic she did not like Roman Catholics, and admitted saying to defendant. “Take a shilling to go to your father confessor; if you want a shilling; I’ll give you one.”

A witness, named Cunningham, bore out complainant story; and Mr Allen was proceeding to address the court when the bench stopped him, said it was a most trival case, and dismissed it.