Denaby Supporter is Pleased

March 1967

South Yorkshire Times March 18, 1967

Denaby Supporter is Pleased

“Nil Desperandum” writes this week to the sports editor:

“I was very pleased to read in last week’s “Times” that Denaby United are not to apply for membership to the Midland league.

The committee are to be complemented on a very wise decision, although I note that it was not unanimous.

“I imagine the dissenters to be the younger members of the committee who will not remember the Midland league when it was a leajue.

“To talk of prestige in belonging to the present setup in sheer bunkum.

“I do agree with the remarks made concerning some of the grounds and accommodation; it is time a standard was set by the Yorkshire league, there is no doubt that if Denaby had applied for the election they would have received redcarpet treatment, and I think that at the annual meeting of the Midland (?) League a lot of nail biting will be done,”