Denaby Tom Hill Youth Centre Give “Aladdin”

April 1950

South Yorkshire Times March 4, 1950

Denaby Tom Hill Youth Centre Give “Aladdin”

There was an appreciative audience at Denaby Tom Hill youth Centre on Wednesday evening to witness a delightful production of the  pantomime, Aladdin,” given by members for their second pantomime since the Centre was opened.

These youthful artists have put in much work for many weeks, but their creditable performance on Wednesday was worth it, and those who have booked for to-day (Friday) and Saturday can look forward to a good evening’s entertainment.

The production is under the capable direction of Mrs. Linda I. Smith, who is assisted by Mrs. M. Simcock and Miss Betty Sabin. The stage is well set and the dresses enhance the production. Some of the costumes were hired, but others have been made by Mrs. R. Miller.

The many ingenious stage props are the work of Mr. C. Taylor, the property manager. The costumes worn by the dancers in the cave scene were made by Mrs. Smith, the producer.

The honours of the production go to four young members of the cast. Wendy Colbear, as Aladdin, gives a charming performance. She is both vivacious and dashing. Her brother, David Colbear, takes the part of Abanazar (the Magician), a role in which he well displays his many member capabilities. Jim Taylor is the  Widow Twankey. This youthful won the audience immediately.

The Grand Vizier was Fred Bates, and Fred is not only to be complimented upon his work but  also upon the effectiveness of the scenery for which he has been responsible.

He has had some willing helpers, but he did the main work and it is very good,

The Princess Magnolia (Dorcas Smith) was very dignified, and she and Aladdin made a handsome pair and played well together.

Special mention should be made of Pekoe (son of the Grand Vizier) and the Emperor, roles taken over at very short notice by Joan Watkin and Ken Freeman. Both did exceedingly well.

Beryl Rigg (who is well known as a dancer) was a graceful Alhira (Slave of the Lamp). Another small part well done was that of Oraculashta, played by Iris Broom.

Nor must one forget Jasmine (the mule). She was a most knowing animal and was played by Martin Jennings and Jim Noble, who made her a favourite with the audience and especially with the children. Later in the show Jimmy delighted the audience by singing one of his popular songs.

Other smaller parts were well portrayed by Terence Sellars, D. Boulton, Joan Calahan, Joyce Willett, Shirley Higgins. Bernard. Gilmore and Eric Squires, Martin O’Neil, Margaret Rigby Matty Goddard. Hazel Cheeseman, June Rigby, Isabel Sampson, Blodwyn Watkin, Margaret Cousins,  Marlene Backhouse Doreen Cooper, Dorothy Mitchell, Annie Cooper, Ann Wood, Margaret Rigby, Hazel Hill, Pauline Cunningham, June Grimes and George Cheeseman.

The clever little pianist was Miss Doreen Brabiner and the sound effects were in the capable hands of Edward Corney. Officials of the Centre who rendered valuable service were Messrs P.Lohan and R.French, Mrs G.Hall and Dennis Barnes, Mrs French and her assistance and Mr R Miller (vice-chairman)

The show is given tonight (Friday) and on Saturday evening