Denaby Utd – Denaby 1  Chesterfield Mun 6 – Humiliating Experience

18 October 1920

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Monday 18 October 1920

Denaby United  1  Chesterfield Mun 6

Denaby ‘United had a humiliating experience, being roughly handled by the champions, who were not noticeably superior in midfield, but were brilliant in front of goal.

The Denaby defence was pierced six times before Hamilton at length got the better of Woodhouse, who had up to then been more seriously troubled by the Denaby halves than the Denaby forwards.

Buttrell opened the scoring in the first few minutes, Fisher performed the “hat trick,” and goals were added by Fletcher and Tookey.

The game was spoiled by a bad outburst of temper in the second half, the referee having to caution both teams.