Denaby United  1  Hull City Reserves  0 – Third-Porters Lose at Denaby.

9 April 1912

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Tuesday 09 April 1912

Third-Porters Lose at Denaby.

Denaby United  1  Hull City Reserves  0

United and Hull City Reserve both had to play second fiddle the gale of wind which prevailed at Denaby. Hull had the good fortune win the toss, but they could not press their advantage home. When came to turn to have the assistance of the elements they fared but little better. The honours of the match were borne off the respective defences, and Moxon and Hendry, the goalkeepers, did good individual work when facing the wind.

Up to about ten minutes from time the game looked like ending in goalless but a good shot from Johnson gave two points, and the team just about, deserved their victory. In Moxon, Denaby have discovered a goalkeeper of promise, but the ohome club yesterday again experienced luck in having their solitary holiday fixture so completely ruined, both financially and from a football point of view, the wind.

Mexborough Lose to Doncaster.

Doncaster Rovers  3  Mexborough Town  1 

Apparently, Doncaster Rovers had not suffered from their heavy’ holiday programme, as they not only scored heavily against Mexborough, at Doncaster, but were the more dangerous when playing against a tremendous wind. The scored two goals in the first half, through Woodruff and Buddery, who headed into goal.

Bromage scored a grand goal in the second half with a fairly long shot. Play eased down towards the end, both teams suffering from their battle with the elements, and it was during this lull that Tomlinson scored for Mexborough thus the Rovers secured their third successive victory by three goals to one. The forwards all played splendidly, the wingmen, Woodruff and W Bromage being the most conspicuous.

The backs and halfbacks showed a sound defence, though they slowed down at the finish. Wathey was smart and quick on the Mexborough right wing, and several times proved dangerous, but the visiting forwards were inferior to the home attack, and the better team won.