Denaby United 2  Conisborough St Peters  1 – Montagu Cup Semi Final

3 January 1902

South Yorkshire Times, January 3rd 1902

Montagu Charity Cup.

Semi -Final Tie.

Denaby Beat Conisborough.

Denaby United 2  Conisborough St Peters  1

The meeting of Denaby United and Conisborough St. Peters in the semi-final round: of the Montagu Charity Cup Competition, on New Year’s Day, failed to attract anything like a large crowd. The weather was fine and not, too cold for January, but despite the favourable conditions only about 300 people assembled on the Mexborough ground where the match was played,. Mr. J. Smith, of Doncaster, was the referee. The teams lined up in the following order:–

Denaby United: Hancock, goal; Dudhill and Lawley, backs; Shaw, Chadfield, and Jack Whitehouse, half-backs; A. Whitehouse, Chapman, McNeil, Tim Roper, and T. Hardy, forwards.

Conisborough St. Peter’s: Horne, goal; Harrison and! Banks, backs; Robinson, Hilton, and Jones, half-backs; G. A. Wood, Goodlad, Hinchliffe, F. Wood, and Whittaker, forwards.

Conisborough kicked uphill with a slight cross-wind helping on the left. They were. the first to attack, and once were really dangerous, but the forwards were deficient in shooting. A foul against Shaw gave them a chance to get up, but Dudhill and Lawley played a bustling game, and the attack ended with Hinchliffe shooting over the Denaby bar. Denaby got down with a rush, and gained a corner, but nothing came of it, and A. Whitehouse shot wide at long range. The play was of a snappy description, neither side showing combination. Hardy put in some good work on the Denaby left, and his effort might have ended successfully but for a foul which drove Denaby back. The ball was returned, and Chadfield, after tricking two opponents, passed cleverly to McNeil, giving him a splendid opportunity to score, but the Denaby centre shot just over the bar. A huge clearance by Harrison set Conisboro’ going, but Wood, on the right wing, was fouled, and Conis-boro’ got a free kick close in. From this Hancock had to handle, and Dudhill cleared with his bead an instant later. During a run by the Conisboro’ right Robinson was accidentally injured, and had to be taken off the field. With only ten men .Conisboro’ continued to keep their opponents in check, and their halves were deservedly applauded for clever defensive tactics. The play, through moderately fast, was still somewhat tame, neither side being able to start an organised attack. Robinson soon resumed and Conisboro’ got well up, but Lawley was perfectly safe, though, to be sure, he, was not, closely pressed.

Improved play was shown by Conisboro’. Hinchliffe starting a pretty attacking movement which, however, was spoiled by a breach of the off-side rule by G. A. Wood. Conisboro’ kept up the attack, and G. A. Wood sent across a pretty centre, which was allowed to go begging. Hancock had no difficulty in clearing, and the Denaby forwards got going again. Hardy wriggled past several opponents with the ball, and finished up with a fast low shot, which Horne saved in capital style. This was the first time either goal bad been in real danger. A little later McNeil shot over, the bar, but the Denaby forward play was sadly lacking in vigour and system. The Conisboro’ men were now apparently played’ down, and near to half-time they were driven back. G. A. Wood put in a run or two on the right, but both Lawlor and Dud-hill were much too big for him, and as he received but poor’ support his attack came to nought. Denaby gained another corner, and after Horne had brought off another fine save Roper scored for Denaby in a scrimmage, five minutes from the interval. Denaby continued to have the best of the play, but once Conisboro’ got up, only to be easily disposed; of. Just before the call of time A. Whitehouse was accidentally kicked on the head.

The score was then Denaby 1, Conisboro’ 0.

Early in the second half there was a prospect of better play being witnessed. Denaby were the first to attack, but Conisboro’ soon returned, and Hancock was compelled to handle. From the clearance Hardy got going, and after beating the defence in the left corner centred beautifully from near the line. Horne rushed out and seized the ball in its flight; Chadfield got possession, and. in a most judicious fashion passed to A. Whitehouse, who, with plenty of time to spare, dropped in a beautiful centre which might have been converted but for a foul against McNeil for pushing.

This enabled Conisboro’ to clear their goal, but Denaby were not to be denied, end they kept up the pressure. Conisboro’ had a spell of attacking, but owing to lack of method the forwards were never really dangerous. Chadfield was doing a lot of useful work at centre-half, not only repelling attack but passing out to his forwards whenever the opportunity offered. More than once he set his forwards going, and from a pass .by Hardy. A. Whitehouse had a splendid opening, but he shot just wide of the post. The Denaby attack improved, and after twenty minutes’ play Hardy and his partner worked the ball well up, and Hardy scored a thoroughly well-deserved goal, with a slanting shot. The leaders were not long destined to maintain an advantage of two goals, for the Conisboro’ right got down with a rush, and Goodlad scored with a capital shot. Play grew somewhat more exciting. Roper was in the act of passing to Hardy, in front of goal, when Harrison fouled him just outside the penalty line. Jack Whitehouse took the kick, and dropped the ball in a good position, but Chadfield headed behind.

In the succeeding play Denaby had the best of matters, and at least three times A. Whitehouse was given grand opportunities, but he took up too much time in getting set before shooting, and-consequently lost his chances. Denaby were driven back for a short time, but again the work of the Conisboro’ forward’s lacked sting. Jones, from the half-back line, got in a pop shot, the ball just going over the ‘bar. A few minutes to time Denaby gained a corner, which was wretchedly placed by A. ‘Whitehouse.             After this Conisboro’ played with great keenness, though short of Robinson, who had again had to leave. The Denaby goal was in danger more than once, and Conisboro’ looked like equalising every second, but time was called.