Denaby Utd – Denaby 4 Wombwell 3 – Denaby Secure Couple of Points.

19 October 1900

This Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 19 October 1900

Denaby secure a Couple of Points.

Denaby United 4 Wombwell 3

That the better team lost on Saturday was the remark heard on Denaby football field, where the home club bad to meet Wombwell. It was generally thought that Denaby would have a walk over, so to speak if the matches in which Wombwell had figured had anything to do with the result of the match.

Denaby won, it is true, but as I have said before, the better team lost, for Wombwell, taking them all through the game, played a far better game than the home club. Denaby gave the poorest display they have shown this season, there can be no doubt. The home club had a full team, except that Chapman was included in the place of Peplow, and Dean was in the goal, Stables not yet having returned to his post.

It will be seen that Wombwell brought a very weak team, Washington not being included. The home team rushed to go through in the first 10 minutes, but after that the visitors seemed to awaken out of their lethargy and played very well.

It will also be seen that while Denaby and not yet fared so badly in the league, the Wombwell Main had done very badly, and no doubt their best play this season was when they played Hunslet on their own enclosure and tied with them; unfortunately, in my opinion, that match ruined their chances in the League, and that was when Guest and his leg fractured. He was playing splendidly and might have proved a tower of strength in the defence line had not the accident happened.

The show Denby put up was a poor one; they lack the combination and determination that distinguishes them. Robinson in the centre, played a very good game and W Nettleton for the visitors, also showed some very good form in the same position. The teams were as follows

Denaby : Dean, goal; Bisby and Lawley, backs; Watts, Whitehouse and Sheldrake, halfbacks; Chapman, Ryans, Robinson, Roper and T Hardy forwards

Wombwell: Holmes goals; Brammer and Fox, backs; J Dyer, Jenkinson and Highfield, halfbacks; J Nettleton, Reynolds, W Nettleton, Uttley and Goldsborough, forwards

The home team won the toss and elected to kick in the direction of the colliery. with a strong wind in their favour. From the start Roper went straight for the goal, and within a short space of five minutes had opened the scoring for Denaby. The visitors were palpably weak in the halfback and defence lines, and ere another five minutes had elapsed one of the home forwards had rushed the ball through.

The visitors now played up better, the defence improving wonderfully. Some good work was done in the right wing by Chapman and Ryans, both of them sending in some fine shots. From good centre by the latter, Roper banged the ball straight for the goal, home is just jumping up was able to divert the course of the ball over the bar. From the corner which ensued however, nothing resulted.

Denaby continued to press, and for a while had matters their own way. The visitors backs continually relieved. At last the visitors had a look in, and Goldsborough commenced the attack on the left, finishing up by sending in a fine centre, which the home backs easily disposed of. Hardy was not showing the usual form but sent in some fine centres. Roper made a good run, but shot outside. Front a good run down the centre by that same individual Holmes was nearly beaten with a good shot.

The visitors’ forward line were making strenuous efforts to score, but the home backs proved too strong for them. At last the visitors got fairly into the goal-mouth, and in the scrimmage which ensued one of the Wombwell forwards scored. From a shot from the visitors tight wing Dean had to save. He was now called upon more frequently to say but none of the shots were enough to break through home defence. J. Nettleton sent in some fine centres, but none of the forwards took advantage of them.

The Denaby forwards got right in the visitors goalmouth, one of the backs, however, came to the rescue and relieved. Goldsborough sent right across the goal-month, but the effort proved fruitless. Soon afterwards a corner was awarded to the home club, but nothing resulted. From a good shot by one of the home front line, Holmes had to kick away. Robinson made a fine run down the centre, but let the ball get too much in front of him, and it went outside. From the goal-kick Chapman centred front the right wing, and a scrimmage ensued in the goal-mouth, during which the whistle was blown for half-time with the score: Denaby. 2 goals: Wombwell, 1 goal.

On resuming the visitors quickly besieged the home club’s goal, but the ball was safely got away. When in a good position, Chapman shot outside, and a minute later Holmes had to kick away from • good shot from one of the forwards. Goldsborough put in some good work  on the left wing. Ryan attached and sent in good shot, and Brammer relieved just in time. Bisby was getting in some fine kicks in the defence line. Goldsborough pressed on the left wing and sent in a good shot, which one of the backs relieved. Soon after W. Nettleton equalised for the visitors. Denaby now were playing much faster, though on the whole Wombwell were playing the better game.

From the restart Robinson got away and made a fine run, passing the backs the and, having no one to beat but the goalkeeper, he sent in a good shot, which easily scored, thus placing Denaby at the front again.

“Billy” Nettleton, however was trying hard to equalise and shortly afterwards he did so by a very good shot. Ryans made an attack on the right wing and sent in a fine centre right across the goal-mouth, which Roper nearly converted into a goal, Holmes catching it with his foot and getting it way in time. Goldsborough did some very pretty work down the left wing, but could never get a clear shot at the goal, owing to the watchfulness of the home backs.

The teams, were now equal, three goals each, and play was very exciting, Wombwell having rather the bettor of matters. Denaby however, got into their opponents’ goalmouth. Ryans sending in a good centre which Holmes just managed to save. He also aimed finely afterwards from the same meson, but was forced to concede a corner, which was placed finely, and one of the home forwards got his head under the ball and nicely put the home club in front again.

No more scoring took place, but the play was mostly in the home club’s goalmouth, and proved very exciting.