Denaby United – Christmas – A Peak Period – Successful Season

April 1936

Mexborough & Swinton Times April 24, 1936

Denaby United
Christmas – A Peak Period.
Successful Season.

The annual meeting of Denaby United football club was held at the Miners Welfare Institute on Saturday, Mr B. Kelly presiding.

In his report, Mr M. Taylor said his first season as secretary manager was not as good as he would have liked. The team opened the season in a promising manner. They reached the fourth qualifying round of the English cup, to be defeated by Scunthorpe, and when Christmas arrived they held a comfortable position in the league.

Since that period they had done badly from a playing standpoint, but were successful in transferring to players, T. Clark and W. Guest. Both were giving good accounts of themselves. The club had the consolation of winning the Sheffield challenge cup by defeating Worksop in the final, but their run in that competition had proved costly.

The club was at present 16th in the Midland league, having played 30 matches, won 11 drawn 10, lost 17 and gained 32 points. They had already gained eight more points than last season but did not occupy as good a position. He thanked Mr A Davies financial secretary, and Mr P. Harrison, secretary manager, for their assistance in his year of office.

When the club transferred Gordon Clark to Manchester, said Mr B. Kelly, they held the middle position in the league. Then followed Guest’s departure to West Ham, and they had been unable to find suitable players to fill the vacancies. These were the main reasons for the low position.

Financial Statement.

The financial statement, read by Mr A. Davies, showed an income of £1630 0s 6d., The main items being: Cash in hand £75 11s., Gate receipts (Midland league) £336 8s., (English cup) £239 18s., (Sheffield Challenge Cup) £22 16s 5d., Workmen’s contributions £500, patrons and subscriptions £55 5s 6d, transfer fees £300 grants £37 16s 5d., Efforts £19 19s 1d., Sundry items £12 13s 5d.

On the expenditure side were: Wages, etc. (Midland league) £966 0s 10d. (English Cup) £165 17s 9d., (Sheffield Challenge Cup) £87 8s 11d., rates and insurances £26 9s 9d, share of gates (English cup) £68 14s 6d., (Sheffield Challenge Cup) £7 7s 1d. Share of transfer fee is £60, total £1589 1s.,

Leaving a balance in hand of £40 19s 6d.

It was pointed out that the club had so far received £75 towards the transfer fee for W Guest, and that a further £100 would be forthcoming season, making a total of £175. The amount received for Clark’s transfer to Manchester City was £225.

The clubs run in the English Cup produced a profit of £5 5s 9d., While the loss on winning the Sheffield Challenge Cup was about £100.

It was again decided not to run a reserve team.

The following officials were elected for the ensuing year: President: Mr L. C. Hodges; secretary manager: Mr M. Taylor, 136, Doncaster Road, Denaby Main; financial secretary: Mr A, Davies; committee: Messrs W. Barry, C. Sanderson, W. Instead, R. H. Shepard, T. Shephard, R. Shephard A. Mace, S. Warren, S. Straw, J. W. Darley, J. Humphries, A Hooley, W. Hingley, G. English, G. Guest and P. Kelly. Following the meeting, members of the committee met at a special meeting, when it was decided that Mr B. Kelly B re-elected chairman for the seventh consecutive year. Messrs R. H. Shepard and W. Barry were elected vice-chairman.