Denaby Utd – Denaby 0 Worksop 2 – Anything but Score

February 1905

Mexborough & Swinton Times, February 18, 1905

Denaby United 0 Worksop 2

At Denaby Worksop won the toss and chose the top end goal.

At the commencement Denaby attacked and Walton put over. Worksop attacked but were repulsed, Scott kicking out an easy one from Holzer at the other end. A nice run by Lindley and Hall was frustrated by heal kicking out. From a throw in Denaby got up and Lindley placed the cross shot wide. The visitors pressed but Welsh received nicely.

Hall forced a corner off Scott. Lindley placed in nicely and Hawkins headed over.

The visiting quintet broke away and Welsh placed back to Hancock who kicked out.

A return to the home end saw Eyre miskick when well-placed and at the other and Levery placed over the bar. Nimrod put in a long shot which just scraped the outside of the post. After a little uninteresting play the homesteaders got up and Waverley shot into Scott’s hands. The visitors got down and Hardcastle placed across, a corner ultimately awarded them, which was not improved upon.

Later Eyre put in a swift run and Hancock saved nicely. Hall was in close proximity to the visitors Citadel when Scott ran out and cleared with a huge kick. Denaby pressed and Hall was in a splendid position for scoring when Cole ran across and cleared magnificent.

Nimrod received and placed wide.

The visitors got down and Richardson passed into Eyre who placed in a swift one. The ball struck the crossbar and rebounded to the ground Hancock then clearing. However the referee decided it had gone over the goal line and pointed to the centre which was a very doubtful decision indeed.

The interval arrived a few minutes later with the score:  Worksop 1 Denaby 0

Immediately upon the restart Worksop got up and Eyre placed in the corner of the net, Hancock having no opportunities to save.

Denaby now became rather nettled at these reverses and making an irresistible rush Hall shot close, Scott tipping over. The resulting corner was not materialised. Play was transferred to the other end and Lawrence shot had into Hancock’s hands. The home forwards could do anything but score. Lavery gave his side a glorious but unaccepted opportunity. Walton who was on trial for Denaby at outside left, shaped well and got in a couple of clinking shots but Scott was not able to be beaten.

Worksop ever and anon broke away and their forwards always threatened danger when in front of the goal. The closing stages were uninteresting.