Denaby Utd – Denaby 2 Wath 0 – Brilliant Bussey (picture)

September 1925

Mexborough and Swinton Times, September 5, 1925

Brilliant Bussey:
Wath missed their chances.
Denaby’s Stout defence

Denaby United 2 Wath Athletic 0

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Denaby and Wath kick-off together in sprightly style, at Denaby, before a moderate crowd. The game was fast, keen, and exciting. Both goalkeepers did great things, but both defences had a bit of luck at times. Denaby won because they took to up their chances, while Wath missed all theirs.

Both sides were experimental. Denaby tried Park, from Brodsworth at right back. With Matt Taylor; Oxley. The Sheffield Jr, was at centre half; and Wilkes the former Rotherham County man, at left half. Wath put three of their recruits from the famous Thames Valley old boys club in the forward line, along with Sullivan, the Mexborough youth whom they are bringing out; gave reach the centre half position: and relied on per se Whittaker, Swinton knew, whom they tried out once or twice last season, in goal.

Other new men in the teams were Stanley Taylor, Sheffield United central read attack reader and central forward for Denaby; Bratley, the Wath captain; and Moore, who was last season with Nelson, at outside right for Wath.

Wath did extremely well against a tricky breeze in the first half. Stanley Pearson inaugurated his captaincy of Denaby with the winning of the toss. Indeed for a longish spell Wath were slightly smarter on the ball and in combination, Denaby’s work been rather individualistic and not well sustained.

Exciting incidents came early, Whittaker soon having to make a nice save near the post from a hefty drive by Bussey. In a six minute a hot attack by Wath saw Parker making strenuous but vain attempts to get the ball away and three Wath forwards falling to score with non-but Bromage to stop them – and Clegg had not even Bromage then he finally shop wide.

Windle did a tremendous amount of work on Saturday, and saved Denaby from a collapse “in the middle.” The backs behind him did splendidly, and their defence baffled Wath. Parker was a big success of the day on Denaby’s new men. Match practice again went wrong in his case. His tackling was good, his kicking sure, and he worked with Matt. Taylor and Bromwich with as good an understanding as if he had played with them for seasons. On that display the one serious problem that threatened the club managed an his soul. Bromage is an alert and nippy as ever, and his work was particularly neat and quick. It Was dangerous whenever it got going. But there was not a lot of combined works, except on the wings. Both wing dissatisfied. Due and skills are both fast. And on Saturday both were tricky, middle dwell, and shot straight when the chance came. Pearson played a clever pass link game. Stanley Taylor played unselfishly, and though we did not swing the ball about much, nor get more then one of two chances of a shop, he gave his colleagues some very neat passes – the one from which Bussey got the second goal was an exceptionally well Jewish one. The team promised to be a very good one when Taylor has thoroughly settled down into the attack, and the best available lineup house has been found. Wath have a fast, clever side. Even against Denaby’s fine defence they would hardly have lost except for the forwards unsteadiness near goal.

Mention of one of the 22 players has deliberately been left to the last. Bussey, the 18-year-old Maltby by. Showed his last season that he has an unusually old head on very young shoulders. But since then he has developed wonderfully. He has apparently mastered the one serious fault to be found with his play last season – uncertainly in front of goal. Only two clear chances came to him on Saturday, and he took both, with shots that will score practically every time. Apart from that he was as hard-working a forward as there was on the field – and the cleverest of them all. Bussey is not merely clever with this; there is purpose, method, in everything he does. He does not waste time in aimless dribbling, in pretty manoeuvring. He is all the time scheming and working for the shortest way for goal. He played brilliantly throughout Saturday’s game, and marked himself out as the most promising youngster on the field. Teams: –

Denaby: Bromage; Parker, M. Taylor, Windle, Oxley, Wilks; Drew, Bussey, S. Taylor, Pearson and Skeels.

Wath: Whittaker; Bratley, Wheatley; Dawber, Leach, Dennis; moore, Sullivan, Clegg; Bradford, Wilkinson.

The Denaby Main ambulance court and played, conducted by Mr. Tom Branston