Denaby Utd – Denaby 3 Doncaster Rovers 1 – A Fast Game and a Big Crowd

September 1905

Mexborough and Swinton Times September 23, 1905

A Fast Game and a Big Crowd
Rovers routed

Denaby United 3 Doncaster Rovers 1

The excellent start of the Denaby club this season, and the prospect of an attractive match was responsible for what was probably the biggest gate on Saturday since the institution of the Denaby club.

There would be over 2000 spectators present, and the weather conditions were far more favourable to them than the players. The United enclosure presented a picture which must have filled the hearts of the officials with a sense of gladness. For a full half-hour previous to the match the new turnstiles, used for the first time, clicked merrily, and a most gratifying feature was enthusiasm that seemed to prevail everywhere.

Doncaster Rovers, like their foes, took the field with an unbeaten certificate, and both teams were at full strength. The United won the toss and favoured by the slow, at once made the pace a cracker, the start provided the keynote to struggle in which speed and determination were most prominent characteristics.

A primly run by the Rovers was vetoed by Lawley in the Denaby, Emma led by Doherty, swept down in irrepressible fashion on Harling, an exciting series of exchanges followed, amid tremendous enthusiasm. Lavery headed the first goal exactly 3 minutes from the start.


During a heart attack, about 20 minutes from the start, Doherty securing the ball, and turning on the run shot a magnificent goal, the ball going into the far corner and well out of Harling’s reach.


At half-time Denaby led by two goals to nil.


Midfield play followed, and Nimrod, securing, gave possession to Lindley, will race off at top speed, finishing with a perfect centre, which is Lavery met on the run and crashed into the net, thus placing United further ahead.


And it was in one of the rallies near the Denaby goal that a shot was beaten out by someone, who was not Massey. A penalty was again granted to the Rovers, the kick this time been taken by Almond, who beat Massey with a shot that struck the inside of the crossbar and cannoned into the net.

Immediately after the kick-off Lavery got clear away, and a brilliant individual effort just failed to materialise. Gabe was strenuously fought out to the end, and when the whistle was blown Denaby retired clever winners by three goals to one.

It was a good game, and illustrated the fact that the United of a better team than ever. The men are practically all fast, and achieve the most telling attribute of their play is the wonderful – they maintain from the start to the finish.

Massey as plate so brilliantly in the Denaby goal that provided the main changes form the directors would do well to keep Hancock resting, good as the latter is. Of the backs Lawley tackled with dour determination and finds a splendid length in his clearances. Welsh is most conspicuous at close quarters, but is a bit erratic at present.

The halves are splendid, Hawkins perhaps been the least effective, been too slow and faulty in his feeding, though a hard and strenuous work.

The acquisition of Doherty and Tomkins has undeniably strengthened the front rank, which moves with vim and sparkle pleasing to watch. Denaby have only to keep reproducing Saturday’s form to make history in the Midland League.