Denaby Utd – Denaby Down Doncaster

September 1905

Mexborough and Swinton Times September 23, 1905

Denaby Down Doncaster

if somebody, inspired by the hopeful spirit Pat Torr, and at the commencement of the season prophesy that Denaby United, straight from the beginning, would be doing as well as could possibly be desired, and would, moreover, be one of the first four clubs in the Midland League at the end of only three weeks, he would have been told to feel if he wasn’t in bed.

The first time I saw Denaby United play, however, I came to the conclusion that the team would be to great many more teams and succeeded in beating them, and now, taking all the risks attaching to prophecy before you know, I am free to declare that Denaby will give the next best club very lively gallop for the Midland League Championship, if indeed they do not win it themselves

Our Sheffield friends can mark their visitors to Denaby with a black border, and they had better look out for equals when Denaby visit them. There are literally “no flies” on the Denaby team this season; they are a happy family, and their brotherhood is further cemented by the fact that they are doing well.

Doncaster Rovers, on paper, were not an easy not to crack; but on Saturday afternoon Denaby cracked it easily, after thoroughly workmanlike display. Massey, playing against a team which first brought him into prominence, played as well as ever he did for them, but it was in attack rather than defence that the side shone. There was a crisp decision about the final work of the front line, which last season was wanting until late on, when that “blaze of glory,” which Pat Torr is so fond of alluding to, began.

Altogether Denaby tip my eye, and I am convinced they are this season going to assist Mexborough in making the district regarded as a warm spot to visit on a football mission.

Record to date:

Rawmarsh Albion (H)               2 – 0 Wharncliffe League

Mexborough Town (A)               1 – 0 Wharncliffe League

Rotherham County (A)              3 – 1 Midland League

Doncaster Rovers (H)                 3 – 1 Midland League