Denaby United Misdeeds

23 February 1912

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Friday 23 February 1912

Denaby United Misdeeds

The misdeeds of Denaby United are still the limelight, so to speak, for last night sub executive meeting of the Sheffield and Hallamshire County Association, held at the Wentworth Cafe, Sheffield, Mr. A. J. Dickinson presiding, further investigations were made concerning the irregularities of Denaby in their match with Notts County Res. On November 18 last.

On February 9, it will be remembered, the Midland League -Committee, for misconduct in this particular match, removed R. Dunn, a Denaby United committee-man, from taking any future part in Midland League football, and also J. Barlow, the then secretary of the club, for certain mismanagements.

Last night the sub-executive committee considered the charges of Referee F. Betts and Linesmen A. and W. M. Woollen, who stated that they had been grossly insulted by prominent- officials of the Denaby club in the match referred to. They alleged these officials had so acted because they wished the club to expelled from the competition, as owing to the poor support, they got they could hardly carry it on.

The following decision was arrived at: “That Messrs. R. Dunn, J. Barlow, C. Johnson, and H. Gregson be indefinitely suspended front football and football management.”