Denaby Utd – Oct 11 – Gainsboro’ Trinity 1, Denaby Utd. 0 – Denaby’s III-Fortune

October 1924

Mexborough & Swinton Times, October 11

An Early Shock.

Denaby’s III-Fortune at Gainsborough.

Gainsboro’ Trinity 1, Denaby Utd. 0

Denaby United were not at their best at Gainsborough, on Monday, but they were a little unfortunate to lose. A draw would have been a much fairer result of a game in which neither set of forwards were happy in combination or shooting.

The goal that gave Gainsborough two points was a surprise affair that happened before most of us had realised the game was started. RABY, who displaced Copley at centre-forward for Trinity, got a sudden opening, ran clean through, and put the ball into the net as Bromage ran out.

This appeared to throw Denaby right off their game, for they never settled down to cool, combined football afterwards. The halves were poor in the first half, and Hawkins could do little right.

The forward line could not get going for some time, and then Burkinshaw lifted the ball well over from Bloxham’s pass. Both sides held the ball much too close, the Denaby men being the worse offenders. They did far too much tip-tapping, some of which was rather pretty, but generally ineffective. Picknett was far the best of the forwards before the interval. Burkinshaw quite failed to hold the line together. The Gainsborough halves were strong and sound, and Denaby could make little headway