Denaby United – Shrewsbury 0 Denaby 1

August 1947

South Yorkshire Times August 30, 1947

Shrewsbury 0 Denaby United 1

Denaby’s performance at Shrewsbury on Monday when they were by the only goal of the game, was a great feat, accomplish the case a strong Shrewsbury side with virtually 10 men.

Schofield pulled a muscle after half an hour and they went on to the wing, is injury rendered him ineffective.

Booth got the deciding goal two minutes from time. Feature of the game, as on Saturday, was the strength of Denaby’s half back line. Osborne and Barke notably excelling. Windle also had a good game.

Denaby were without Williams, Moseley, Killourhy and Strachan, a feat which gives more point to their victory.