Denaby United Supporters – Had Best Year Everything

June 1956

South Yorkshire Times, June 23rd, 1956

Denaby United Supporters
Had Best Year Everything

The financial report submitted to Sunday’s annual meeting of Denaby United Supporters’ Club showed the best season’s working since the formation of the club. Turnover was £1384 and in the Supporters’ Club year £614 18s was given to the parent club. In the parent club’s year a total of £900 was handed over.

Club officials are Mr J. E. Greathead, president; Mr. G. Allport, secretary; and Mr. R. Allport, chairman. Mr. R. Allport. Succeeds Mr. Joe Taylor who was recently elected to the United Football Club Committee with former Supporters’ Club Committeemen Mr. J. Keywood and Mr. J. Webster.

At Sunday’s meeting a proposal that members of the Supporters’ club should not sit on the Football Club Committee defeated an amendment that the existing procedure remain, appreciation having earlier been expressed of the cooperation which had resulted from that procedure during the year under review.

In view of Sunday’s decision, Mr. Taylor, Mr. Keywood and Mr. J. Webster were no longer eligible for the Supporters’ Committee and the new committee is Messrs G . McNichol, W Earp, A. Webter, J. T. Stones, L. Moseley, C. Smithson, A. Smithson, L. Richardson and W. Jackson.

Members stood in silence in memory of two life members, the late Mr. Tom Hill and the late Mr. A. Parry Harrison, and in memory of former treasurer, the late Mr. A. Parry. Three new life members were created – Messrs. R. H. Shephard and F. Clough, and Mrs. Jones – one of United’s staunchest supporters.