Denaby United Want to Find Reason  for Dwindling Home ‘Gates’

26 December 1959

South Yorkshire Times December 26, 1959

Denaby United Seek the Hero of Tickhill Square

They Want to Find Reason  for Dwindling Home ‘Gates’

It is not unusual to hear people complain of Denaby’s dirt and industrial grime. Fact is, however, had it not been for the sinking of a pit, Denaby Main would still be a very blank space on the map.

Most local business and sporting organisations depend largely on the 4,000 miners from Denaby and Cadeby Collieries. This applies to Midland League club Denaby United, who have relied on the miner for 57 years.

Nearly all the club’s past and present officials work, or worked at the local collieries. And—until a few months ago—miners formed the majority of home match crowds.

Down to Few Hundred

Now. however, the mining section of the crowd               is constantly , dwindling. The “gate” of over 1,000 (comprised largely of miners) at the start of the season, has diminished to a few hundred.

The reason ? That is precisely what Denaby United officials are trying to find out. The man who can come up with that answer will be the hero of Tickhill Square.

“We have tried everything, but as yet we have not found a remedy for the dwindling “gates,” disconsolate, secretary – manager Mr. Arthur Roberts, told me this week. “I know we are not doing so well at the moment, but even so support could be much better. At any rate even when we were winning match after match at the start of the season, attendances were usually disappointing.

“Unless it is the lure of nearby League clubs, or Saturday afternoon sports programmes on television, I can see no reason why they should stay away.”

Win Matches!

One miner, however, summed up thoughts that must be in the mind of many of his colleagues. “Why should we go to see Denaby, when we can watch a League side at little more expense ? At least then we should see a hard fought game.’

That’s the answer, down-in-the dumps-Denaby, Win matches, and it will not be long before those lost sheep return to the fold.