Denaby United’s Finances – Expenditure Was £576 Higher Than Income

20 June 1959

South Yorkshire Times June 20, 1959

Denaby United’s Finances

Expenditure Was £576 Higher Than Income

At the start of the season Denaby United officials intended to run the club more economically, but an increase in players’ wages resulted in a deficiency of over £500, members were told, by their accountant, at the club’s annual meeting on Sunday.

Mr. J. Greathead, president of the Supporters’ Club, whose efforts averted a financial crisis in September, said however that they were prepared to spend even more on wages next season, if it meant that the team was of a higher standard.

The chairman. Mr. T. Holmes, said that during the past few years the public have not had the opportunity of seeing a first class side at Denaby. “Until we can produce a first class team there is no way of proving whether there is a demand for Midland League football at Denaby or not,” said Mr. Holmes, adding that if then the attendances failed to increase Midland League football was finished as far as Denaby was concerned.

“I cannot promise a vast improvement next season,” said Mr. Holmes, “but every effort will he made to ensure the team is of a higher standard.”

Fall In “Gates”

Secretary-manager Mr. Arthur Roberts, reported that several players who were signed early in the season had not come up to the standard expected. “Gates” fell considerably in the latter stages of the season and had it not been for the Supporters’ Club, who gave the parent club over £2,000 in cash and kind, they would not be in existence today.

It cost about £600 to run the second team, financial secretary Mr. B. Lupton told members. The main reason for the increase was that several weekly players who did not make the first team grade had been included in the second team.

Gate receipts were £1,046 (less visitors’ share of £288), and workmen’s contributions were £1.259, compared with £1,325 the previous season. Total expenditure was £4,684 and the income for the year, was £576 17s. 5d. less that the total expenditure.

Officials elected were: President, Mr. S. Peck; chairman, Mr. T. Holmes; financial secretary, Mr. B. Lupton; vice-presidents. Messrs M. Taylor, J. Hall and W. Gandey; secretary-manager, Mr. A. Roberts.

Messrs F. Carpenter, C. Smithson. G. Shepherd, H. Carpenter, J. Sanderson and S. Price were elected on to the committee.