Denaby United’s “Pull Together” Plea – New Secretary – Manager

February 1964

South Yorkshire Times, July 18.

Denaby’s “Pull Together” Plea.

Three main point came out of Denaby United’s annual meeting on Sunday. The club are going back to their original system of a secretary – manager; the Club’s financial situation is a little better than last season; and the Club have not entered the F A cup competition this year.

Through the necessary strict budgeting last season, the club have made a surplus for the year of £370. This without my £200 for transfer fees to Rotherham United and £120 from an All Stars match.

The supporters club provided £760 for the club this season.

In spite of this year surplus. Denaby is excess of liabilities over asset still amount to £1255 0s 6d.

Denaby’s new Manager Secretary is Mr Sam Duffty. Mr Duffty of 49. Annerley Street, Denaby, a miner at Denaby Main Colliery, has been connected with the club 20 years.

For the past three seasons Denaby have had Harry Hough as player manager.

Wages Reduced.

Mr Duffty, appointed at a special meeting, said they had run a team last season in the Midland League, whose wages are being reduced to try to clear some of the club’s outstanding debts.

“Now this season if we can just get a modest team and clear our debts, to start with a clean sheet next season, then we can get going. I ask the village to pull together. We shall make it so that the eyes of every child is on Denaby. If Denaby United fails then sport in Denaby fails,” he said.

On the question of players, Mr Duffty said he had approached a well-known footballer, around whom he could build the team, and several others had promised their services.

Acting chairman, Mr Tom Holmes, vice-chairman, said that it had been “quite an achievement” to get through last season in Denaby’s financial position. He thanked all the people who helped Denaby over this difficult period.


“I make a special appeal to try to keep Denaby going and the flag flying. We know we finished at the bottom of the Midland League last season, but this was more or less inevitable. This season we have £370 surplus at Denaby, which is something which has not happened at the club for a number of years.”

But Mr Holmes warned that Denaby were not out of the woods yet. “There has to be some income of some description this season, the inevitable will happen.”

Retiring secretary, Mr A. Roberts, who along with retiring president, Mr Sam Pack, as being made a life member of the club, said that the ballot at Denaby and Cadeby Collieries, had taken some getting through, but they had given the club £300 a year. “We hope we can get a better team next season, through having made a surplus this,” he added.

Out of Cup.

Several members were concerned because Denaby had not applied for the FA Cup this season. Mexborough town, the Yorkshire league side have Denaby’s draw in the cup.

Mr Roberts said they had not joined the competition because they did not know whether there was a going to be a Denaby United next season are not.

“These were regrettable, but unavoidable circumstances,” said Mr Holmes.

One member asked if it would be difficult for Denaby to get back into the competition next season. Mr B Lupton, treasurer, said it would not.

The meeting agreed that the club should enter the competition so long as there was a Denaby United.

Several members thought that the club should run a second team in a local league this season. The matter was referred to the management Committee.

Rates Up.

Rates at the ground had jumped up £29 last year to £95 16s 8d. Mr Roberts said that the Divisional Committee of C.I.S.W.O.” had the matter in hand.”

It was stated at the meeting that men at Denaby and Cadeby Colliery still wishing to contribute to Denaby good still do so, by filling in a voting slip.

The first 3d the men at the collieries have stopped from their wages now entitles them to see a Denaby match at a reduced rate, but as they have the further 3d stop, which goes solely to the club, then they can get into the matches free.

A member at the meeting said this was not make clear to men at the two collieries when it was decided to have the ballot.

But another member, said that a letter from the club to this effect was read out at the N.U.M. meeting.

Officials for the coming season are as follows: secretary Manager, Mr S.Duffty; president, Mr J. Richards, treasurer Mr B.Lupton; management committee, Messes T. Bacon, S.Peck Jr, J.Sanderson, G.Mellor, M.Higgins, S.Peck snr, T Holmes, G Davey, C Smithson, J Kelly, E Langford and C Phelan.