Denaby Utd – Denaby 4 Sheffield Wednesday Res 2 – Sheffield Challenge Cup final

March 1906

Mexborough and Swinton Times March 24, 1906

Sheffield Challenge Cup final

Denaby 4 Sheffield Wednesday Res 2

Although the wind favoured Denaby when they encountered Sheffield Wednesday Reserves at the Clifton Park enclosure, on Saturday, their display fully justified the splendid victory they achieved.

Their forwards played a more open game, and appeared to have better control of the ball than their opponents; whose forwards lost many openings in front of goal, and their backs repeatedly sky the ball, and presented Denaby with numerous corners.

The weakness of the reserves custodian was soon perceived by the Denaby forwards, who took full advantage of Swift’s inability to negotiate high shots.

The most formidable department in the ranks of the United was the frontline, who worked energetically and with combination, but Welsh and Lawley offered a fine resistance to the Wednesday’s forward. Briefly, Denaby was the superior team, and played a great game.

The gate was a record one, about 8,000 being present, and both teams were strongly represented. There was an alteration in each side, Hollings superseding Doherty at centre in the Denaby eleven, and Hemmingfield appearing at inside right for Wednesday vice Morrison. The spin of the coin favoured Denaby, who elected to play with the sun and wind at their backs for the opening moiety, and the pace soon became brisk.

Denaby pressed strongly right from the kick-off, but Swift relieved, and the Denaby goal then escaped locally from Bradshaw from a centre by Reynolds, Hancock being helpless. Back again came Denaby, and was only six minutes gone they assumed the lead, Nimrod shooting into the net from a freekick, though Swift was charged before the ball reached him.

A moment afterwards Hemmingfield had a glorious opening, having only Hancock to beat, but he dallied and was robbed, a fruitless corner accruing. Aided by the wind, Denaby kept Wednesday chiefly on the defensive, and from a corner, well-placed by Linley, Lees sent in a long shot, which Swift struck at, but it glanced from his fingers into the net, thus giving Denaby a second goal.

The United hereabouts were having all the play, but a dash by the blue and whites forced a corner which proved fruitless. Wednesday endeavoured to raise the siege, but found the wind a great factor to deal with, with the result that Denaby were unable to keep the ball in the Wednesday quarters.

With half-an-hour gone Laverly was injured, and had to be carried off, and whilst he was off Hollings sent in another long shot, which beats Swift and added a third goal. Laverly then resumed, and from this point, Wednesday showed improvement, Reynolds firing in a magnificent shot which skimmed the corner of the bar. Denaby next got going, and from another corner, conceded by Swift, Lees shot through a crowd of players as got a fourth goal for Denaby.

Half Time: Denaby United 4 Wednesday Reserve 0

On resuming Wednesday took up the running and Hancock was compelled to concede a fruitless corner. Ere five minutes had elapsed Bradshaw got through and scored the first goal for Wednesday reserve with a capital shot. Crapper add a flying shot, but sent yards over, play then ruling fairly even, though slightly favour of Wednesday, but the Owlerton brigade finished weakly when near goal. Wednesday’s advances were spasmodic and lack cohesion, their work, very badly with that of Denaby, the only forwards at all dangerous on the Wednesday side being Reynolds and Bradshaw.

With the Denaby forwards always well up the field, Slavin and Crapper had some anxious moments, though the game had by this time lost much of its interest, Wednesday never seem incapable of equalising, their shots, mostly long-range, lacking sting and often being well wide of the mark.

With only a few minutes to go, Bradshaw got possession right in front of goal, and beat Hancock with a fast shot thus registering Wednesday second goal. A moment later one of the Denaby defenders handled in the penalty area, but the incident escaped the notice of the referee. Wednesday were pressing strongly when the whistle sounded for the cessation of hostilities, the game ending:

Denaby United 4
Wednesday Reserves 2

Referee: Mr A Ball, Rotherham.