Denaby Utd – Wath Athletic 1, Denaby United 3 – Wath’s Bad Luck In Tussle With Denaby.

October 1929

Mexborough and Swinton Times October 4, 1929

A Man Short.

Wath’s Bad Luck In Tussle With Denaby.

Wath Athletic 1, Denaby United 3

Bad luck dogged Wath throughout their match with Denaby on Saturday, yet on the run of the play Denaby were decidedly fortunate in securing both points.

In the first minute, Wilshaw, who was being watched by directors of a League club, was injured on the knee and after five minutes retired for the rest of the game. And in that five minutes Wath scored. From a free kick which relieved a Denaby attack, Skeels got away. His pass was accepted by Hargreaves who put across a perfect centre for Frank MOORE to head past Speight.

Further misfortune met Wath. In the next minute a misunderstanding between Angus and Eagle brought an equalising goal to Denaby. Both players watched the ball roll into the net.

With only ten men Wath were more than equal to Denaby for the rest of the half and most of the second half. How the Denaby goal came through a series of Wath attacks was short of marvellous by the narrowest of margins, the Wath forwards missed and on several an upright was struck.

It was only by rough and ready methods that Denaby got through the Wath defence and then they were rarely dangerous. Wath’s baulking of their attack, made Denaby bring feeling into the game, their tackling being at times exeedingly dangerous. Shenton was a lucky man when he badly fouled Frank Moore. There was no need for the action and many referees would have ordered him to leave the field immediately.

After 25 minutes in the second half Denaby got ahead through HILL following a Millie in the Wath goalmouth. Hill rushed into the scrum and blazed into the net from short range. Spurred by the lead Denaby added a third, L. GREEN sending in a hot shot from Breakwell’s pass.

Wath, though a disorganised team, tried hard to the very end stop fortune did not favour them; both Frank Moore and W Moore were injured, the latter having to be treated on two occasions and several of the Wath play showed marks of the “battle.”

On the Denaby side T Green and Hill work hurt.

Denaby, on the play, did not deserve a win – a draw would have been a fair result. That’s a simpler rush Wath of their game for us victory. For Wath forwards are triers, while Angus in the second half gave a sound display. Brackley was strong defence and Eagle did some good work in goal


Watb. Eagle: Bratley, Hopper: Dawber, Augus, Dennis: W. Moore, F. Moore, Wilshaw, Hargreaves, Skeels

Denaby. Speight; Shenton, Woodhead; Hill, Hammond, Senior; Breakwell, A. Green, L. Green, Smith, Bettridgge.

Referee- F. Taylor, Gainsboro’.