Denaby Utd – Annual Meeting – Matt Taylor to Take Charge

April 1935

Mexborough and Swinton Times April 19, 1935

Denaby’s New Manager
Matt Taylor to Take Charge
Transfer Balances Clubs Budget

Matt Taylor, who has given Denaby United 11 season valuable service as a player, and is shortly to receive a second benefit, was elected secretary manager of the club at the annual meeting held on Sunday.

Mr Percy Harrison, secretary – manager said it was the worst report ever presented during his six years association with the club. The club still second from the bottom of the table goal average of 60 to 98, having played 33 games, winning seven, losing 21 and drawing five.

“When the season opened we all thought we should have a good side,” he went on, “but after a promising opening at Gainsborough the team fell to pieces.”

The club are called upon 52 players to do duty was to our three young players in the side for the first time it was asking too much to expect success against experienced sides such as they had to meet. The club had an early setback in the FA Cup, losing to Mexborough in the extra preliminary round replay. The club had brought one player to the fore in Edwin Burbanks, who in February was transferred to Sunderland.

Principal scorers up-to-date were: Lowe 13, W Smith 12, MacPhail 10, Huck 7, Burbanks 6, Hinsley 3, Sheldon 2, F Smith 2, Burkinshaw 2, Parden, Cross and Jones.

The chairman (Mr B Kelly) asked for comment upon the report and Mr W Hingley said it was not for the committee to ask question but for those who had been barracking the club for three parts of the season. No questions were asked.

A member asked why young players should be obtained from the Sheffield and Nottingham district while there were plenty of suitable juniors in the district.

Mr Harrison said that they had only tried one player from the Nottingham district and he thought Sheffield was the best “Scouting” ground.

Mr A Davies, financial secretary, submitted the balance sheet which showed an income of £1356 16s 8d which included:

Balance in hand                               £71 6s 5d,

Gate receipts;

(Midland league)                             £308,
(FA Cup)                                            £80 10s,
(Sheffield challenge cup)                £23 18s,
Workmen’s contribution               £380
Subscriptions                                   £54 2s 6d,
Burbank’s transfer fee                    £300,
Siddall’s transfer fee                       £25,
grants                                                 £22 1s,
Norwich refund                               £10 11s 7d

The expenditure of £1281 5s 7d was made up as follows:

Wages Etc (Midland League)        £756 13s 3d
FA Cup                                               £36 14s 2d
Sheffield Challenge Cup                 £76 17s 6d
Friendly Game                                 £4 5s
Entertainment Tax                         £83 10s
Rates                                                  £14 14s 4d
Share of Transfer Fee;
Burbanks                                          £45
Siddall                                                £1
Compensation                                  £9 10s
Postage, Telephone and Manage Expenses £23
Printing                                             £12

Cash at Bank                                    £74 14s 9d
Cash in Hand                                    16s 3d

It was pointed out that had it not been for the transfer of Burbank’s to Sunderland the club would have had a deficit of more than £100. While they made a profit of about £10 from the FA Cup, they lost more than £50 on the Sheffield Challenge Cup.

Officials elected were: Pres; Mr LC Hodges; Vice presidents, all re-elected together with Messrs H Cushworth and W Store; secretary manager, Mr M Taylor; financial secretary: Mr A Davies;

Committee: Mr B Kelly (Chairman), Messrs RH Sheperd and W Brady (vice-chairman), Messrs, Rich, Shephard, T Shepard, C Sanderson, W Hingley, G English, W Linstead, J.W.Darley, A Race, J Humphreys, G Guest, S Warren, T Robinson, B Kelly, A Hooley, W Bhatti and Rob Shephard

the question of running a reserve team was considered and a member said that if the club wanted to keep it supported instead of allowing them to drift Doncaster, where hopes of promotion appear bright, Denaby must provide them with some interest when the Midland League team were away.

Mr R.A. Shephard said the club meant to be successful next season it was essential they should run a second team.

It was decided to run a reserve team and to apply for admission to the Sheffield Association League.

A vote of thanks to Mr P Harrison for his services was proposed by Mr R.H.Shepherd and seconded by Mr L Moseley.

Mr a Davies on behalf of the committee, thank the workmen of the Denaby and Cadeby Main Collieries, Dr McArthur, Mrs Buckley and the Supporters Club