Denaby Utd – Barnsley Res 0 Denaby 3 – Denaby’s Triumphal Process

September 1906

Mexborough and Swinton Times, September 15th 1906

Barnsley Badly Beaten.
Denaby’s Triumphal Process.

Barnsley Reserves 0 Denaby United 3

Beautiful weather greeted the football enthusiasts, who, like myself, wended their way to the pretty ground at Oakwell, Barnsley, with the full expectation of seeing a thoroughly good game between the local second string and the powerful team from Denaby. As both teams are exceedingly well matched, bot in point of weight, and prowess, such expectation was not altogether unwarranted. The genial rays of the sun were tempered by a refreshing breeze, and altogether the conditions were ideal when the two teams faced each other before a crowd of about a thousand. The teams were as follows: –

Denaby United: Goal, Hancock; backs, Welsh and Lawely; half-backs, Tompkins, and Westwood; forwards, Brockhurst, Hunter, Hopkinson, Harrop and Eyre.

Barnsley: Goal, Rounds; backs, H. Johnson and Crump; half-backs, Whittaker, Skelton; forwards, Quins, Norton, Griffiths, Moore, and F. Johnson.

The visitors had the luck of the toss, and defended the goal nearest the town. Early on in the struggle Griffiths and Moore were distinguished by very good combined work. The Denaby players transferred the scene of operations, and Eyre nearly beat Rounds, that player eventually brought off a very fine clearance. Denaby sustained the attack and obtained two corner kicks in rapid succession. The seige was eventually raised by Westwood’s flag kick being headed over by Hunter. The Barnsley right wing was conspicuous with several good attempts, Westwood and Lawley being kept very busy. Indeed, the ball came dangerously near the visiting quarters, but Welsh, coming across, by clever manipulation, cleared at the expense of a corner. Following upon this, the Denaby men worked with a will, and some clever combination was brought to bear on the game. On one occasion, however, Hopkinson got through alone, and with the goal-keeper only to beat, failed miserably at the final shot, although it must be said, his efforts were considerably hampered by the attentions of the two Barnsley backs. The Denaby attack was sustained, and a bit of clever triangular work, in which Westwood, Hopkinson, and Eyre showed to advantage.

Some excitement was caused by a scrimmage in the Denaby half, which resulted in the award of a free kick against the visitors, which, however, came to nothing. F. Johnson succeeded in raising a cheer by forcing the ball through the custodian’s legs into the not. The player, however, was obviously offside, and the goal was disallowed. A glorious opportunity which fell to the home forwards was rendered abortive by indecision. F. Johnson on the right secured the ball, and centred. Griffiths, however, failed to take the pass, and the ball travelled to Quinn, who passed to Moore, that player putting the ball wide. Hereabouts the Barnsley backs were repeatedly cheered for good work. Still the United forwards exhibited the better football, and Eyre nearly brought about the fall of the home goal single-handed. At length Griffiths broke away, and passed to F. Johnson, who, taking the ball on the run, sent in a beautiful shot, which was fisted away. Then, after the game had been in progress some 35 minutes, Brocklehurst centred splendidly, and the ball flashed from the toe of Harrop into the net – a perfect goal. Undaunted, the Barnsley forwards sought to equalise, but Welsh and Lawley kicked with rare judgement and precision. Hopkinson hereabouts distinguished himself with fine individual efforts, and it was only through the increasing vigilance of Crump and Eyre was prevented from breaking through.

At the interval Denaby led by the solitary goal scored.

The visitors attacked with renewed vigour in the second half, and Hopkinson sprinting from the centre placed to the side’s credit a splendid individual goal, which was quickly followed by another. Welsh cleared from a free kick awarded against the visitors, and from this Round’s charge suffered a persistent bombardment. Brockhurst and Hopkinson tested rapidly, and clever as the home goalkeeper was in his method of meeting the attack, the ball finally went through in the scrimmage, apparently from the toe of Hunter.

Undismayed, the Barnsley forwards attacked, Quinn on the left being particularly prominent, and forcing two corners in succession, but his efforts were nullified by Moore, who shot over. Rounds then had to deal with two splendid shots from Hopkinson and Tompkins. However, despite the plucky work of the Barnsley forwards, well assisted by the halves, it became evident that the team was quite outclassed, and with the certainty of the issue hanging over both teams, the conclusion was arrived, at by lethargic and spiritless play, the result being: –

Denaby United                        3 goals

Barnsley Reserve                   0 goals