Denaby Utd – Barnsley Reserve  0  Denaby 0

12 April 1909

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Monday 12 April 1909

Denaby at Barnsley.

Barnsley Reserve  0  Denaby United  0

The match between Barnsley Reserve and Denaby did not produce a very exciting encounter, and there seemed to be disposition on both sides take things easily. Barnsley gave trials to two young forwards named Wells and Norton, both from the Nottingham district, but there was nothing particularly smart about the work of the home front line, in which Kay was easily the most prominent, Brookes worked hard, but frequently made the mistake of trying to too much, though, on the other wing, Leigh was frequently responsible for nice touches and accurate centres. In the rear, Vincent played strong game, and Silto was always a hard worker.

On the Denaby side, Westwood and Lowe were the most prominent forwards, the former giving his comrades several opportunities which ought have been turned to account The halfback play, however, was not good, but Welsh and Swinbourne made a strong pair backs, and Hancock had no difficulty in getting through all the work that came his way.