Denaby Utd – Barnsley Reserve 5  Denaby 0 – Denaby’s Defeat at Oakwell.

20 March 1911

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Monday 20 March 1911

Denaby’s Defeat at Oakwell.

Barnsley Reserve 5  Denaby United  0

Barnsley were in great form against Denaby United, and were value for their 5 – 0 victory. Denaby usually can make Barnsley go all the way Oakwell, but they are not now the team they once were, and on Saturday found themselves outclassed.

Playing against the wind, in the first half, they started well, and on several occasions broke through the defence, but the forward line was not all it might have been. The wings, Hill and Dodsley, played well, but had not the support they should have had.

Travers, for Barnsley, played a lively game, and had four of the five goals to his credit. Three of them were really fine efforts, too, and Hazeldene had not much say in the matter. Indeed, the visitors’ keeper could not blamed for the big score, except that Travers’ yap goal ought to have been prevented.

Martin was responsible for the other one with smart header. Kay was always on the qui vive and did a lot of good work and Taylor was useful. The defence whole was a very effective combination.