Denaby Utd – Barnsley Reserves 2 Denaby 0 – Defeated – After Four Months

21 March 1908

Mexborough and Swinton Times March 21 1908

Denaby Defeated – After Four Months
Championship Chances Endangered at Barnsley

Barnsley Reserves 2 Denaby United 0

Saturday was a black day for Denaby United. The team had a rough time on the Oakwell ground, where most teams have a knack of feeling uncomfortable, and had to retire beaten on their merits. The result was very different to that arrived at the far end of last year, when Denaby United took charge of the Barnsley team from the beginning, and sent them home at last with a big hole in their goal average. The corresponding match of last season saw Denaby playing a beautiful game, and beating Barnsley Reserve 3-0,

The day was cold, and the rawness which makes the flesh do a sort of endless chain of creepy sensations, but nevertheless a good number of Denaby people made the journey to Barnsley. With what sadness they went away can be imagined, but not described. The shock was all the more startling, and the defeat the more pronounced, because before the match it was never dreamed of. However, when Rounds and Hay, and a couple more first teamers strolled on the field, the Denaby section were not quite so dead certain of the result, and when they learned that Nimrod and Speight would not be turning out, and that Marshall was “running the line,” they began to catch a glimpse of coming events.

The match was set apart for the benefit of Hay, the popular Barnsley man, and loyal Barnsleyites rolled up in their four figures, adding their moral support to that of the Denaby people, who were everywhere in evidence.

Barnsley were early astir, and Collins called upon Hancock smartly, the latter clearing like a flash. Another Barnsley advance was nipped in the bud by Ramsden. At the other end a tricky touch of the ball by Pynegar nearly bore fruit but the goal survived, and Barnsley got away. A slip by Hofton let in Griffiths, who sent in a beautiful shot, Hancock making a flying clearance in the teeth of half-a-dozen advancing players.

It was Denaby’s turn now, and a splendid pass from Pynegar ought to have set Ball going, but it didn’t, and an excellent chance was lost.

Then the Denaby goal had the narrowest escape in the world. Ramsden was beaten, and Sanderson, securing, simply flew along the wing right to the post, where he banged the ball into a group of struggling players, and from whence it was put behind by some unaccountable means. The first corner of the match, which fell to Barnsley, was placed well behind. Hands against Utley saw Denaby, well placed, but Kelly did not use the free kick to advantage. Instead, Griffiths got away beautifully, and passed in to Helliwell, who was not far off with his flying kick. At the other end Rounds exhibited considerable coolness in disposing of a nasty shot from Dyal.

Away on the left, after a sharp tussle with Chadfield, Sanderson was just wide, and from the goal kick, Dyal, hampered though he was by a crowd of players hard on his heels, shot hard and low for the corner of the net, but Rounds dived down and cleared beautifully, This was the nearest approach to a goal which Denaby arrived at throughout the game. Barnsley rushed to the other end, and Collins nearly scooped the ball in from a centre by Griffiths. Hancock cleared nicely, but a moment later Helliwell was presented with a glorious opportunity of scoring, but after beating Lawley and Chadfield he shot high over the bar.

Then a regrettable incident occurred and spoiled the whole game. Griffiths was coming flying along the wing, when he came into collision with Lawley, being knocked unconscious. He was carried off the held amid general sympathy.

The game being re-started, Sanderson had a likely-looking opening, but he was worried too much by Chadfield. Denaby come along twice in quick succession, and both Blackburn and Linacre got in shots which however, presented little danger. Dyal once sent in. a lovely centre, which flashed past Rounds, and wad returned from the other side by Linacre, this time Rounds fisting away smartly. Barnsley got away again, and Collins sent in a -murderous shot which the wind carried just over the bar.

Griffiths re-appeared on the resumption, and signalised his re-appearance early in. the half. He was going well for goal when (it is said, for the incident was not obvious), he was pushed by Lawley, and a penalty kick was awarded. Then, ensued an unseemly squabble among the players who got out of the control of the referee, as to the “spotting” of the ball for the kick. Griffiths took the kick and drove it hard against Hancock’s legs, scoring from the rebound. This point altered the aspect of the game completely, and from now to the end Barnsley were the better team, for they worked backwards and forwards like a beautifully greased machine.

Denaby took an occasional turn at the attack. They fly centre from Dyal, who had gone outside, found the photo Blackburn, whose kick, however, was too strong. Barnes went away again, and Griffiths, forcing a corner, placed it nicely for Kay to convert with a pretty touch. Barnsley attacked repeatedly now, and Kay was very near to scoring again. At the other end Kelly got in one of his likely looking dropping shots, which had rounds solid puzzle until finally landing on the top of the net.

The end came with the home team attacking, and on the very verge of time the three inside men ran through, and Kay scored an offside goal.